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Who is this for?
Whether you’re thinking of starting a new website or just need some ideas to help you get the most out of what you’re already doing, this is going to help… This blueprint is filled with valuable insights and hot tips to really boost your online presence!

What are you getting?
A FREE Mini Online Course and downloadable PDF explaining:

  • what an eBusiness Strategy is
  • why you need one
  • the 6 elements of eBusiness Strategy
  • how they work together
  • comment section in each lesson for accountability *new

AND really comprehensive lists of possible goals for each element. Complete with fillable brainstorming sections and a Goal Worksheet. You’ll also get my Growth Checklist, and if you stick around, I’ll be sending curated tips, detailed strategy advice and advanced techniques…

Course Content

Total learning: 9 lessons

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Emily has 20+ years experience building custom websites with a focus on user experience. Fashion Designer. Coder. Eco Boutique Founder. Work at Home Mom. Passionate about design and helping awesome people do awesome things. Mindfulness, yoga and WordPress advocate. Idealistic optimist. Lifelong learner. New blogger. Enthusiastic about branding and digital marketing to help socially responsible businesses have a bigger impact.


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